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Group development history

年成立, 2015年更名为上海永冠众诚新材料科技(集团)股份有限公司。 Shanghai Yongguan Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and renamed Shanghai Yongguan Zhongcheng New Materials Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. in 2015 . 、玻纤、清洁胶带等多品类胶粘行业解决方案专家。 After 20 years of development, Yongguan Zhongcheng Group has now developed into a multi-category adhesive industry solution expert with cloth and masking tape as its leading products, PVC , glass fiber, and cleaning tape.

Historical experience accumulation

、产业规模:集团布基胶带销售生产规模均为全国最大,主要产品技术领先、市场稳定,销售额保持高速增长。 1. Industrial scale: The sales scale of the group's cloth-based tapes is the largest in the country. The main products have leading technologies and stable markets, and their sales have maintained rapid growth.

、管理经验:公司自成立以来逐步完善内部控制体系,并根据公司的实际情况,在计划管理、采购管理、生产管理、销售管理、财务和资金管理、人事管理等方面建立了较为规范的内部管理体系。 2. Management experience: Since the establishment of the company, the internal control system has been gradually improved, and in accordance with the actual situation of the company, a more standardized internal has been established in plan management, procurement management, production management, sales management, finance and capital management, personnel management, etc. Management system.ERP先进的管理系统辅助,以各分公司为生产运营主体、母公司作为计划和控制平台的集团管控模式初步形成。 With the help of OA and ERP advanced management systems, a group management model with the branches as production and operation entities and the parent company as the planning and control platform has initially formed.

、团队建设:建立起以事业吸引人才、以绩效评价人才、以薪酬激励人才、以责任锤炼人才的人才建设体系。 3. Team building: Establish a talent construction system that attracts talents by career, evaluates talents by performance, motivates talents by salary, and tempers talents by responsibility.

、技术开发:具备了较强的技术开发能力,公司已拥有9项发明专利,实用新型专利2项,外观专利5项。 4. Technology development: The company has strong technology development capabilities. The company has 9 invention patents, 2 utility model patents, and 5 appearance patents. 质量认证, REACH认证、美国UL认证、加拿大CSA认证、欧盟ROHS环保认证、全球BSCI社会责任体系认证等,并符合SGS认证标准。 It has successively passed ISO9001-2008 quality certification, REACH certification, US UL certification, Canadian CSA certification, EU ROHS environmental protection certification, global BSCI social responsibility system certification, etc., and conforms to SGS certification standards. The company has been identified as "Shanghai High-tech Enterprise", "Shanghai Technology Giant Giant Cultivation Enterprise" and "Shanghai Qingpu District Technology R & D Center Enterprise".

、企业文化:确立了“宏图永发展,声誉冠五洲”的品牌口号以及独具特色的永冠精神,通过建立永冠季刊、永冠众诚集团网站等文化建设平台,弘扬企业理念,构建和谐企业,推进企业文化建设。 5. Corporate culture: Established the brand slogan of "Hongtu Yonglong Development, Reputation Top Five Continents" and the unique spirit of Yongguan. Through the establishment of cultural construction platforms such as Yongguan Quarterly and Yongguan Zhongcheng Group Website, it promotes the corporate philosophy and builds Harmonious enterprises and promote the construction of corporate culture.

Challenges faced

、对投资和土地等生产要素的依赖较大,知识进步、技术创新、信息化建设等现代化手段对发展的贡献率较低;产品附加值较低,受汇率波动不稳定因素,集团业务利润率受,影响;工艺革新进程与市场供需要求还需要进一步磨合。 1. Reliance on investment and land and other production factors is relatively large, and the contribution of modernization methods such as knowledge progress, technological innovation, and information construction to development is low; the added value of products is low, and the Group ’s business profits are affected by unstable exchange rate fluctuations The rate is affected and affected; the process of technological innovation and market supply and demand requirements need further integration.

、市场竞争的风险 2. Risks of market competition
The adhesive and adhesive tape industries are completely competitive industries. At present, the basic characteristics of the industry are the large number of enterprises in the industry, the small scale, the wide distribution area, the low concentration of the industry, and the trend of polarized management. Although a few domestic leading companies have been able to compete with foreign brands in some mid- to high-end product areas, the overall competitiveness of domestic companies is still relatively weak. Although it has accumulated a certain amount of technology and gained high market share in products such as tape-based tape, the Group still faces certain market competition risks.
、原材料价格波动的风险,胶粘剂和胶粘带行业的上游行业为生产树脂和橡胶的化工行业,树脂和橡胶的供应价格是胶粘剂和胶粘带行业发展的重要影响因素,其价格的波动会对胶粘剂和胶粘带企业的盈利水平带来较大的影响。 3. The risk of fluctuations in raw material prices. The upstream industry of the adhesive and adhesive tape industry is the chemical industry that produces resin and rubber. The supply price of resin and rubber is an important factor affecting the development of the adhesive and adhesive tape industry. It has a greater impact on the profitability of adhesive and adhesive tape companies. 膜、 LDPE粒子、 SBS橡胶、 SIS橡胶、天然树脂、天然橡胶、石油树脂、环烷油等,该等化工原料的价格受上游原料价格和市场供需关系影响,呈现波动趋势。 The main raw materials involved in the Group's production are PE film, LDPE particles, SBS rubber, SIS rubber, natural resin, natural rubber, petroleum resin, naphthenic oil, etc.The prices of these chemical raw materials are affected by the upstream raw material prices and the market supply-demand relationship. Volatility trend. The sharp rise or frequent fluctuations in the prices of major raw materials in the future will adversely affect the Group's operating results.

to sum up

"Development is the last word", the firm development concept is the main driving force for the success of Yongguan Zhongcheng Group; "Core team holdings", and the advanced corporate governance structure is an important guarantee for the stable development of Yongguan Zhongcheng Group; strong manufacturing The level of strength and the pioneering construction results have attracted the attention of Yongguan Zhongcheng Group both inside and outside the industry.

       Facing the new situation, we are guided by the spirit of Yongguan, respect the laws of industry and industry development, believe in the rules of the market competition of the fittest, strive to be the first to actively explore bold practices; and strive to significantly improve the Group through product structure adjustment within five years Rely on management improvement and technological progress to consolidate and enhance competitive advantages, and achieve greater gains in both economic and social benefits.

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